Fanatics and the fan

Fanatics and the Fan, is a fun, exciting and in-depth look into the world of science fiction, fantasy, gaming comics and all things geek. This weekly podcast Hosted by three icons in the Springfield area sci-fi world, hopes to bring you a fun, informative and accurate discussion of today’s Geekdom!

February 8th, 2021    

Meet the Fanatics: LOOT!

This time on Fanatics and the Fan, we sit down Twitch user, gamer and all around awesome person Loot! Join us as we discuss everything from Gaming, to Mental health and alot of things in the middle. We also get to find new and interesting ways to deal with person trauma and heartache as well as the need to loot everything in borderlands!!!!

Be sure and check out the Youtube channel for for the video verison of thei episode:

December 13th, 2020    

Fanatics and the Happy Holidays

Join us this week for a very Merry edition of Fanatics and the Fan. Find out from the gang what would be the best place to hang out for Christmas this year, Gotham or Hogwarts. Take a closer look at what classic movies everyone wil be watching and what presents will be daning in thier heads. All ther and so much more .


Merry Christmas and happy Holidays for all of us to all of you!

November 26th, 2020    

Fanatics and Mental Health

This week on Fanatics we catch up with Emily and Toni and discuss mental health in our new covid world. We also introduce our newest fanatic, Loot, and she tells all about her activities on Twitch and Instgram! This entire episode is focused on dealing with personal mental health in our current world.

June 5th, 2020    

Fanatics and the Arrowverse vs Psych

This week on Fanatics and the Fan we take a brief look into two of the quarantines most binge-able TV shows; Psych and all things related to the Arrow-verse. Lead by Fanatics Marissa and Emily, we take a nerdy look at the good and bad and ridiculous, of shows that have made you laugh, cry, or just plain ole made you decide to dress up. We also have this episodes top 10 as well news from Joey Mills of pop goes the Culture!

May 26th, 2020    

Fanatics and The Zoom

This week on Fanatics and the Fan, New Fanatics and old sit down and discuss life during the crisis. Find out their thought on upcoming movies castings, current MCU choices and DRAGONS! 

Yes i said DRAGONS, cause what does one talk about when quarantined. We have a bunch of topics and on this episode for everyone to weigh in on.


November 2nd, 2019    

Fanatics and the Fan Halloween edition

This week on Fanatics and the Fan, we get the latest in Nerd News from Pop goes the Culture;s Joey Mills! We also in get into the best and worst in Costumes, and Halloween movies. We take a look at the current offering of Nerd TV. Find out about the upcoming Geekmas event and how to you can win a 3D printer.

you can check out the video edition at :

September 21st, 2019    


This week the Gang joins Karl at on location meta games to hear all the new and exciting things happening at Meta-Games Unlimited. We also discuss whats new and happening the Pop Culture including the up coming Fall television season. Be sure and check out the announcement about the upcoming 3D printer giveaway and the Fanatics and the Fan LIVE appearance that G.A.M.E. All that so much more on this episode of FANATICS AND THE FAN!

August 12th, 2019    

Fanatics and the Stream

This time on Fanatics and the Fan we get down and dirty about this years summer of streaming.  Join in the discussion about Strangers Things and GLOW. Let us know how you feel about OITNB and The Boys . Also find out how you can win a New 3D printer or a new sewing machine.


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